Hello, I'm RAPIDPUNCHES and I'm the creator of "Starfish Arm, Coral City: Seahorse District"! It's a work-in-progress and I expect to work on it indefinitely.

The residents live on a continent roughly shaped like a seastar, specifically located on the arm in a place called Coral City. The Seahorse District wraps around a curly bay area where there's a seahorse conservation area (seahorse sanctuary).

There are all kinds of predator-species such as sharks, dolphins, orca, seals, walruses, puffins, gulls, penguins, and even polar bears (rare). The three main industries are recycling and sanitation, food (oyster, shrimp, and krill) farming, and seaweed farming. The residents live in a beach town that sees a lot of tourism so there are also strip malls, glass blowing and pottery studios. On the city's outer limits there are also solar wind facilities and water processing plants. The setting is actually post-human-apocalypse.